¿Cómo Se Dice? Translation Agency
¿Cómo Se Dice? Translation Agency
“Connecting Businesses with the Hispanic Market Through Language & Culture"
Based in sunny San Diego and founded in 2011, ¿Cómo Se Dice? Translation Agency is a boutique Language Service Provider specializing in Marketing & Advertising.  ​​

Our Mission

To provide accurate, faithful and high-quality translations to help businesses communicate effectively, reach Spanish speakers and help them tap into $1.5 trillion buying power of the U.S. Hispanic consumer.   Conversely, we help Latin American based businesses reach the English-speaking U.S. consumer

Tired of seeing poor quality translations where misspellings were common, and incorrect use of the Spanish language when marketing to Latinos, Yedid Becker founded the company because she saw a need for high quality and grammatically correct translations within the Marketing & Advertising industries.  Industries serviced include Advertising, Marketing, Media outlets such as TV & Radio, Retail & Pet.

Our Approach

At ¿Cómo Se Dice? Translation Agency, we take a personal approach to our client’s translation projects.  WE are not satisfied until YOU are satisfied.  You will NEVER feel like your translation request got lost in cyberspace.  You will ALWAYS be able to speak with us on the phone, skype or email.  We will answer all your questions until you are happy.  

Our Expertise & Specialization

We focus on two major services that we feel are imperative for the growth of our clients:

  • Translations
  • Multicultural Marketing Consulting
  • Mobile Notary Services 

Whether it's translating a sales presentation or a website, developing a social media strategy, or just educating corporations on the Latin American culture and how to reach us, we are here to help you!

We connect businesses, big or small, with the Hispanic Market in the U.S. and the rest of Latin America.    
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Below are some examples of work we've done.
Commercial Translation
Client: Cox Media San Diego
Advertiser: Dr. Express
Commercial Title: Wait Time
Produced and Directed by: Gabe Rivera

Original English Version

Translated Spanish Version

Commercial Translation
Client: Cox Media San Diego
Advertiser: Centre City Motors
Commercial Title: Compact Cars
Produced and Dire
cted by: Gabe Rivera

Original English Version

Translated Spanish Version

Sales & Marketing Material Translation
Client: Paragon Pet
Brand: WHIMZEES Dental Dog Treats
WHIMZEES Ingredient list & Feeding Guide
*Posted with permission from Paragon Pet Products, USA
  1. WHIMZEES Feeding Guide
Original English Version
    WHIMZEES Feeding Guide Original English Version
  2. WHIMZEES Feeding Guide Spanish Version
    WHIMZEES Feeding Guide Spanish Version
  3. WHIMZEES Ingredient List 
Original English Version
    WHIMZEES Ingredient List Original English Version
  4. WHIMZEES Ingredient List Original Spanish Version
    WHIMZEES Ingredient List Original Spanish Version

If our clients are happy, we are happy.  Let our clients tell you why we are the best for your business.

"It has been my pleasure to work with Yedid Becker on a translation project for my firm. Her professionalism and subject matter knowledge shaved weeks off of my workload and improved the overall quality of the translated piece. Specifically, she helped translate our annual report to investors that is a lengthy document fraught with challenging language and potential errors in the source Spanish. The goal of the engagement was to get the English translation to a state where I could review and unify the voice of the piece and ultimately present our organization’s progress over the past year."

―Jason Wilensky, Director of Marketing.
 "Our company has been working with Yedid Becker for several years and find her to be exceptional in her position as a consultant for our company.  Yedid not only brings a professional approach in helping us understand the Hispanic marketplace, but backs it up with detailed facts along with an ability to help us translate in Spanish the message we want to deliver. Her complete understanding of not just the literal, but also the true to life side of the Spanish language as it truly relates to English, is, in a word, EXCELLENT.​  Our company has found her knowledge, along with her personal approach to the business invaluable. It is a pleasure to work with her." 
―William Mitchell, Retap.
 "I have had the opportunity of working with Ms. Yedid Lugo as it relates to Busca Ayuda's Daily Deal site - Busca Deals.  As a medium and resource to the North Texas Hispanic market, it is important for our business to reach our Latino consumers in their native language in addition to our iPhone application. Yedid has performed in an exemplary fashion in translating our website in the Spanish language for our users.  Our company was a former Super Bowl Official North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee Sponsor that was held in the Dallas area on February 6, 2011 and we are very cognizant that our translation team must be of the highest quality.  We respect her diligence and laser focused detail in every word that is featured on our Busca Deals group-buying site - www.deals.busca-ayuda.com.  I would recommend Yedid's work not only as a translator but as a Bilingual Sales and Marketing Professional." 

Michael A. Gonzales, President, Busca Ayuda.
 “I have used Yedid on several projects and greatly appreciate her attention to detail. Being native born in Northern Mexico, Yedid's background assures me the correct syntax for the region. She is my go-to girl for Spanish transcription and copy.”  ―Gabe Rivera, Commercial Producer/Director, COX Media.
Yedid Becker is a Spanish language translator and interpreter specializing in Marketing and Advertising. For the past 12 years, she has been translating sales and marketing materials as well as commercial scripts using her knowledge of the language and culture to create context accurate translations. She founded ¿Cómo Se Dice? Translation Agency because she was tired of seeing poor quality translations in Marketing and Advertising campaigns and materials.  Her mission is to improve and facilitate written communications to her fellow Latin American Spanish speakers.  She is passionate about her native language and culture and it is important for her to deliver translations that any person from Latin America living in the United States can understand in their native Spanish language. Her goal is to provide her clients with translations that are culturally and grammatically accurate as well as context relevant to better serve the Hispanic Market.

Born in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, Yedid is a native Spanish speaker, but moved to San Diego, California at the age of 11. Living in the border town of Tijuana in her early years allowed her to immerse herself in both English and Spanish at a very young age. Her strict mother was determined to keep her native language intact as she learned her second language and did not allow her to speak English at home. Only Spanish was allowed to be spoken at home and English at school, which allowed her to learn both languages equally to eventually become fully bilingual in both English and Spanish.

Yedid double majored and received her B.A. in Spanish Literature & Language and Latin American Studies from San Diego State University in 2000. She received certification in Translation and Interpretation from UCSD Extension in September of 2012. She has a background in Sales & Marketing in the Media & Advertising industry and has had the privilege of working at local Telemundo and Univision affiliate stations as well as Cox Media where she translated commercial scripts, sales presentations, and documents.

In her spare time, Yedid enjoys painting, dancing, 
samba and ballet, sunbathing in San Diego's beaches and spending time with her husband, family, and friends, and let's not forget, the real boss, her 10-year-old pomeranian Lucas Foxy Lugo - Becker. 

  • B.A. Spanish Language & Literature and Latin American Studies - Double Major, San Diego State University (2000)
  • Certificate in Translation & Interpretation, University of California San Diego, Extension (2012)
  • American Translators Association (ATA) Member
  • Association of Translators and Interpreters in the San Diego Area (ATISDA) Member
  • Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce - Member
  • MANA de San Diego - Member

  • Commissioned in October 2016.  


Lucas Foxy Lugo- Becker

¿Cómo Se Dice? Translation Agency's 
Chief Canine Officer

The ¿Cómo Se Dice? Translation Agency Team at the 2016 San Diego Humane Society's Walk for Animals.

This is Lucas, our Chief Canine Officer.   His full name is Lucas Foxy Lugo-Becker.   He pretty much runs the show at ¿Cómo Se Dice? Translation Agency.  He's a 10-year-old Pomeranian rescue.  He loves to go on walks, car rides, dog beach, Spot Farms Chicken Nuggets treats and cheese! When he's not working hard being our Founder's shadow, you can also find him lounging or napping around the office during regular business hours.

But seriously now... we are dog lovers. We are animal lovers. In addition to translating & marketing, we do our best to support local animal rescues and other animal causes.  Please adopt...don't shop.  
¿Cómo Se Dice? Translation Agency